New Jordal Swingers - Let's Boogie - 1975 – 70s – NACD176

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Pop/rock band from Oslo established in 1973 where Eigil Berg (vocalist, pianist and songwriter) and John Kolloen (drums) have been involved from the start. In the Norwegian context, NJS is unique. With over 4,000 concerts and 26 albums over several decades, the band has gone against the grain, they have had enormous success with their music, and they have managed to return to the top several times. Nothing - not even a fatal accident on the road - has been able to stop the New Jordal Swingers. Let's Boogie was their third album from 1975 and has never been released on CD. 150 who order, we print.

1 Mona Lisa

2 Be My Guest

3 The Great Pretender

4 The Maybelles

5 Poetry in Motion

6 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

7 Bongo Bongo Bongo

8 Reveille Rock

9 Put Your Head on My Shoulder

10 Get on the Right Track, Baby

11 Charlie Brown

12 Delta Queen

13 Buona Sera

14 Save the Last Dance for Me

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