Neon Night - Neon Night - 1987 - 80s - NACD041

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Heavy metal band started in Elverum in 1982 by guitarist Øystein Nysæther and drummer Jo Dølbakken. The line-up was completed with Bjørn Olav Johnsen (vocals), Ola Sveinung Nordhagen (guitar) and Jan Rytterbakken (bass). The band was strongly inspired by the new heavy metal wave that had just made its way into Europe, and in many ways stood as one of Norway's very first classic heavy metal bands. In the first years, a number of changes were made in the crew. Vocalist Johnsen quit in 1983 to start his own band Blackout, but died shortly afterwards. The new vocalist was Øystein's brother, Trond Nysæther, who was brought in from the group Rex Begonia. In 1984, Nordhagen and Rytterbakken quit, and these were replaced by Rune Myklevik and Erik Busk respectively. In 1986, Trond Nysæther quit, and he was replaced by Leif Knashaug (ex Halloween). The band had by this time completed the material for their debut album. The demo material for the record has classic status in the underground milieu, and now it can be released on CD for the first time, in 150 pre-orders.

1 Night In The City

2 Into The Battle

3 Talk To Me

4 Hevvii Mettii

5 Brainstorming

6 Moonshine

7 Queen Of My Heart

8 Overdose

9 Caught In A Dream

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