Stutum - Stutum Speaking - 1973 - 70s - NACD140

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Stutum is a fictitious fellow, played by Bjørn Sand and has been "credited" with the fact that more political satire became more accepted on Norwegian stages", according to Aftenposten's Thorstein Hvattum. Stutum has become a term in the Norwegian public, and the name is even incorporated in some dictionaries as a word for a "stupid, selfish and spoiled person". A man without social antennae and who likes to speak before he thinks. Some of the most famous quotes were "It's downright dangerous to be a Norwegian" and "We living in a police state. Direct dictatorship". The album received a speller in 1973 in the class "Verbal record of the year".
Stutum Addresses:

1 Møringer Og Andre Hattifnatter

2 Våre Venner Pakistanerne

3 Det Annet Kjønn

4 Syklister Og Andre Sadister

5 Norsktoppen

6 Stingfritt Øl Og Diktatur

7 Ferie Og Fritid

8 Norske Destillasjonsindustrier

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