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Pop/rock band from Oslo established in 1973 where Eigil Berg (vocalist, pianist and songwriter) and John Kolloen (drums) have been involved from the start. In the Norwegian context, NJS is unique. With over 4,000 concerts and 26 albums over several decades, the band has gone against the grain, they have had enormous success with their music, and they have managed to return to the top several times.

On the way to a gig in Førde on 18 February 1982, NJS' tour bus was hit by a rock slide. Four people died: Håkon Vellesvik, Finn John Andresen and the two sound technicians Kurt Adolfsen and Bjørn Terje Dybvik. The survivors were badly injured, and much of the next year was spent recovering and considering whether the band should continue. In the first instance, the plate was NJS completed, and when it was released in the autumn of 1982, one of the songs from it - "Tornerose" - went straight to 1st place on the Norsktoppen. "Eventyr" and «Vi gjør hva vi vil» from this album also became radio hits. The reception from the public and the memory of the deceased members meant that Berg, Kolloen and Hovden chose to continue.

1 Vi gjør hva vi vil

2 Fortidas labyrinter

3 Tornerose

4 Drømmekvinnen

5 Eventyr

6 Balanselek

7 Tause vitner

8 Helt ute av kurs

9 Fanget i en løgn

10 Alle du ikkje fikk

11 Utsikt

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