Hans Rotmo - Vårres Jul - 1980 - NACD134

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Vårres jul is a Christmas album by the Norwegian artist Hans Rotmo, accompanied by Henning Sommerro (organ and accordion), Kai Biermann (drums), Bjarne Bårdstu (bass) and Gunnar Andreas Berg (guitar and dobro). The record was released in 1980, but sales were poor, so it was replaced by a revised version on CD in 1990, selling over 100,000 copies. We think it's the most fun with the original, which can now be released on CD for the first time.

1 Vårres jul

2 Grisslaktinga

3 Vinterengelen

4 Juletrefest for unga

5 Daling og Guling

6 Nissen

7 Åsgårdsreia

8 Julpolsen

9 Frelser'n

10 Uteliggerens Fadervår

11 Julebordet

12 Skjendelsen av Ytre kirke

13 Jul berre ein gong fer året

14 Helvete

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