Road - Breaking Out - 1986 - NACD133

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Road was a hard rock band from Oslo, established in the early 1980s. The band was a typical touring band that traveled around Norway and had a huge number of gigs during the years they were active. The debut album This Is Just Rock'n'Roll came in 1983 and in the 1986 edition, large parts of the crew had been replaced. Road consists here of "Wild" Willy Bendiksen on drums, Børge Pedersen on vocals, Øystein Ringsby on bass and vocals, Roger Valstad on guitar, Baard Svendsen on keyboards and choir and Jimmy Iversen on choir. Breaking out was released on its own company.

1 This Is Just Rock'n Roll

2 Normal Life

3 Is That You

4 Ain't Easy

5 Another Room

6 Always On The Run

7 Dirty Old Town Vocals

8 Return

9 June

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