Stein Ove Berg – Kommer Nå - 1974 - Folk music- NACD031

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Stein Ove Berg from Kløfta i made his radio debut in Søndagsposten in 1971. He has written some of the labor movement's most famous songs. He worked as a journalist in parallel as he wanted to become an increasingly recognized singer. His debut Kommer na , contains two of his biggest hits, the title song "Kommer na", and "Manda' Morra Blues". The album spent 5 weeks on the VG list with a 7th place as the best placement. Sigmund Groven is among those who play on the album.


1 Kommer Nå

2 Rollebytte i oppgang A

3 Desimal og strikk

4 Den blinde kunne se

5 Bilfri søndag

6 Søppelmannens etterjulsvise

7 Visa om deg

8 Fattern's lille lullaby

9 Sang til høsten 

10 Manda morra blues

11 Shopping på akebrett

12 Familien Hansen

13 Om liljer

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