Audun Vinger/Filip Roschauw // Atomic – Boom Boom - NABOK004

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Atomic Boom Boom (Jazzland, 2002) 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Norwegian/Swedish quintet Atomic's second album Boom Boom , a solid highlight of the explosive young Nordic jazz scene around the turn of the millennium. Engaging and fierce music that gained great importance for musicians and listeners in the years that followed, also outside jazz environments. The book takes this record as its starting point, but also looks at the band's impact history and how the individual members have been active participants in a very inspiring music scene that still pulsates and that we feel the delicious effect of to this day. And the book should be a celebration of kick music that this gives to those who listen.


Boom Boom is written by Audun Vinger and Filip Roshauw, well-known names from Norwegian music life who, among other things, together create the stylistically improvising and entertaining, genre-free long blog Now's The Time which is published on every Friday, and for which they received TONO's major communication award in 2020.


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