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«Business og pleasure, små land midt i Østen – ja ja ja – raske penger i bermudashorts, slukker tørsten.» The opening stanzas of Splitter Pine, DumDum Boys' second album, have dug into the collective Norwegian mentality. So did a seemingly endless series of stanzas from other songs on the record. What was it about Kjartan Kristiansen's lyrics that made them so irresistible? The album made the punk attitude universal, and the hit singles were favorites both on dance floors and tired rock fans. DumDum Boys became Norway's biggest rock band, and the book about Splitter Pine tells why and how this happened.


Maria Kjos Fonn was born the year after Splitter Pine was published. She made her debut with the collection of short stories Dette har jeg aldri fortalt til noen in 2014. When she published the novel Heroin Chic in 2020, about a young woman who starts using heroin. "It would have been impossible to write about the heroin addiction of the main character if I didn't know what I was talking about," she stated at the time of release. When the DumDum Boys were asked if they wanted to be interviewed for a book about Splitter Pine, there was one reason why they answered yes: That it was Maria Kjos Fonn who was going to write the book.

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