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In 2011, four 19-year-old girls from Bergen wrote music history. Razika released her debut album Program 91, a 30-minute powerhouse of catchy pop songs – or was it ska, or punk, or rock? New wave, in the tradition of The Aller Værste's releases in the same city, 30 years earlier? The songs were (among other things) about life as a young woman, and Razika definitely hit a nerve with Norway's young population. The band was full of life, energy and drive, which spread to the audience during the quartet's countless concerts. The book about the debut album will also be a book about Bergen, about the joy of music and about life - as is sung about in Razika's lyrics.


Charlotte Myrbråten has written about music for a number of years. She is a regular critic in Klassekampens Musikkmagasinet, and has previously written for BT and Aftenposten. Myrbråten has also been an editor in Fett, and now works in Bergen public library. She experienced Razika's entire career up close, and was there when Program 91 took Norway by storm. This is her first book.

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