Musikal - Hår (m/ Saft og Terje Rypdal) – 1971 – Film music/musical - NACD268

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Hair has been staged in Norway several times, the first time at Den Nationale Scene (DNS) in Bergen in 1970. Sven Henning was the director, Lucy Fenwick the choreography, Helge Hoff Monsen the scenography, while Terje Rypdal was the musical director, and the Bergen band Saft performed the music. The musical was translated from English by Helge Hagerup and was entitled Hår. The "Predicants' brother circle" held a public meeting in Bergen with the Methodist priest Iver E. Høy and editor Arthur Berg i Dagen as keynote speakers, before the premiere on DNS on 4 December 1970. The debate then raged in the Bergen newspapers all autumn. "Hår music is demonic", said Bergens Tidende, which described how the piece was discussed both in the city council and the school boards. The Bjørgvin bishop Per Juvkam stated that "Norway's mother scene puts itself at the service of moral decay". In Bergens Tidende's review, Rolf Døcker called the performance a "plastic wig", but noted the ensemble's "never failing enthusiasm", and that during the nude scene there was "such dim lighting that you almost have to have a cat's sharp night vision to see about - yes, hair or no hair”. Aftenposten's reviewer thought that "Hair goes against all morality and decency", and the Bergen and surrounding clergy association set up a three-man committee to write a critique of the play's philosophy of life. DNS could still report that all performances were sold out.

1 Peter, Stammen – Aquarius 

2 Vidar, Bentine, Stammen – Har Ingen 

3 Peter, Yasmin, Orlando, Stammen – Dead End 

4 Ivar, Stammen– Manchester

5 Ivar, Frank, Stammen – Hår 

6 Bentine, Stammen – Frank Mills 

7 Stammen – Hare Krishna 

8 Anne Beate, Ove, Bentine, Stammen – Mitt Legeme 

9 Stammen – Hardt Såret 

10 Peter, Bentine– What A Piece Of Work Is Man 

11 Ivar, Live, Helle, Stammen – Slipp Solskinn Inn 

12 Terje Rypdal, Trygve Thue, Øystein Søbstad, Tom Harry Halvorsen, Magne Lunde – Exit (Electric Fantasy)

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