Munch - Excessive Mobility – 1990 - NACD032 – Punk/new wave

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Kristiansandsgruppen Munch was formed in 1986 and consisted of Ivar Mykland (vocals), Lars Årdal (keyboards), Rune Bergstø (bass), Alf Solbakken (guitar) and Rich Nordskog (drums). In addition, the lighting man Jarle Johansen and the sound man Harald Hempel (ex Lily & The Gigolos and in parallel with The Passengers) were band members to count, as their work was decisive for Munch's artistic expression. Munch was one of the few art/industrial rock bands in Norway, and among the leaders in the field. The band started their own record label – T23, which became a gathering point for related and other music from the region.

The music press had seen a "Norwegian Einstürzende Neubauten or Laibach". The LP Excessive Mobility came in 1990 and has never before been released on CD.

1 Watching

2 Thrills

3 Movement

4 Astral Scooter I

5 Gnome Three

6 Pebbles

7 Old Vocano

8 Astral Scooter

9 Strangle

10 Crux Seven

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