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What makes a cult album? Morten Haugdahl tries to find answers in the story of Arvid Sletta and the album "Statement".

What makes a cult album? Arvid Sletta from Frøya recorded his solo debut "Statement" in 1990. Most of the songs on the album consist only of Sletta alone on vocals and guitar, and the musical expression can appear to be both simple and unfamiliar. "Statement" met with almost total silence from the media when it came out, but with both enthusiasts and time to help, the album spread to ever new fascinated listeners. The book is the author's "Declaration of love" for Arvid Sletta's music and artistry, and an attempt to treat the album in a cultural-historical context. The book will examine the album's attractiveness, myths and truths, creativity and mental health, the concept of quality and unfiltered desire for expression. Not least, it will convey the story of an artist who is constantly active with new physical releases. Ignored by most, but just as important: loved by the few.
Morten Haugdahl (1974) works as first conservator at the National Museum of Popular Music - Rockheim. He heard "Statement" in his formative youth, and has followed Arvid Sletta's music ever since. Haugdahl is a trained historian/cultural scientist, and has previously written books and articles about, among other things, punk, counterculture, whaling, Christian pop and the veterinary service.

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