Morten Bing/Øyvind Rauset - Folque-viseboka

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FOLQUE VISEBOKA. This book mainly contains Norwegian folk songs from the Black Death to the 1980s. Here are medieval ballads, stevens, newer shows and instrumentals from all over the country, all equipped with sheet music, notation and detailed comments. Many are also equipped with guitar, banjo or dulcimer arrangements printed on tablature. Most of the instrumentals are of course written for fiddle. The book also contains a six-page banjo course and a two-page dulcimer course. The first edition of the book was published in 1978. The new edition has been improved, revised and expanded, i.a. with some of the most popular Folque songs of foreign origin and five newly written songs from the last two LPs.

Behind the book stands Norway's pioneering folk rock group FOLQUE, who played Norwegian folk rock from 1973 to 2017. They have released 10 albums, including 7 studio LPs, a "live" LP, two compilation albums — and 1 single. The LPs are later reissued on CD in the series Norske Albumklassikere. .

The book is not really a summary of Folque's repertoire. Rather, it is intended as a reference book for active vise enthusiasts. The book is edited and commented by Morten Bing (multi-instrumentalist in Folque from start to finish), and Folque's fiddle player from 1977, Øyvind Rauset (who is also responsible for how the book looks).

Author: Morten Bing/Øyvind Rauset
ISBN: 978-82-93039-79-2
Release year: 2022
Format: 210 x 297 mm – 100 pages (paperback, silver print)
Language: Bokmål

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