Mørkelagt Bevegelse - A View X Another Victim – 1983 – 80-tallet - NACD391

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Postpunk duo started in 1981 as Acupuncture by Ole Henrik Brekke (from Torshov, born 1964) and Jan Olav Sjåvik (from Tåsen, born 1964) in Oslo, before two years later they changed their name to Mørkelagt Bevegelse. The duo played guitar, drum machine and various analogue and digital synthesizers of the time. Mørkelagt Bevegelse was inspired by Joy Divison, The Cure, and especially Eyeless In Gaza. The expression was dark and melancholic, calm but lingering and rolling in its forward swaying movement, and yet gave the semblance of hope indicated in the brighter harmonies. As part of post-punk, they advocated a nihilistic spirit in interviews, and allowed themselves to question why life and death should make sense of it all. They wanted to use the lyrics to legitimize their existence regardless of purpose, as in the song "In Need Of Answers": "It seems likely that there's a life after this/ Well, I haven't done anything else but living – a matter of experience ”. They made their concert debut under Oslo Rockeklubb's auspices at Venstres Hus in April '83, where they simultaneously projected the lyrics on the slide screen. Here they caused unconditional attention in the city's new rock milieu, which initially resulted in a cassette release on Likvidér, A View/ Another Victim , the following summer. The cassette received a mixed reception, and Nye Takter placed the band together with Fra Lippo Lippi and Holy Toy, but complained about weak production and too little tightness over the duo's musical ideas. Mørkelagt Bevegelse did a number of concerts after the release, and recorded a new demo in December. Two of these songs came out in the spring of '84 on split cassette One Page Each with André Lister, along with two of the songs from their first demo. After warming up for Holy Toy in Kjellern at Chateau Neuf in November, the duo began toying with the idea of ​​replacing the drum machine with drums. The following year, this resulted in them bringing in Klaus Kristensen from Hammerfest, and at the same time changing their name to Veni Vidi Vici.


1 Cheers From The Crowd

2 Under The 2nd Bridge

3 Til De Tvilende

4 Every 15 Seconds

5 Retrospective

6 The Stairs

7 Veins

8 Another Victim Pt. I

9 The Pray

10 The Chamber

11 The Survival

12 The Return

13 Four Walls, Too Many People

14 Another Victim Pt. II

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