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MODS – REVANSJ! (1981)Mods was a Norwegian rock/pop group from Stavanger with origins on Rennesøy in the mid-1970s. The band released three albums in the period 1981 to 1984, where the debut album Revansj, which contained the song "Tore Tang", sold the best. At first they were called Catrix. Ola Selvær, who ran Staccato Studio, heard "Revansj" and invited the band to record an album. The album Revansj was recorded with Selvær as producer and with contributions from musicians such as Reidar Larsen (piano), Sverre Kvam (harmonica) and Geir Samsonsen (guitar). The band got a contract with Audun Tylden in PolyGram, who released their debut album in the summer of 1981. In connection with the release, the band decided to change their name, and ended up with the name Mods after Morten Abel had seen the film Dom kallar oss mods. The album contained what would become the band's best-known songs, including "Tore Tang", "Me to går tildt aleina" and "Revansj", and was the band's best-selling album. 1 Gje meg litt mer2 Me to går alltid aleina3 Ett år e gått4 Tore Tang5 Revansj6 Eg vil hjem7 Bli med oss8 Eg e så forelska9 Bare i nått10 Regn11 Meg må du hilsa på

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