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MY BUL - MY BUL (1970)
Min bul consisted of Terje Rypdal (guitar and saxophone), Bjørnar Andresen (bass) and Espen Rud (percussion) and their self-titled record was released in 1970. It was recorded at Rosenborg Studio in Oslo in September 1970 under the technical direction of Egil Eide . The group was a result of the Samklang projects at the Henie-Onstad centre, staged by the creative director Ole Henrik Moe. Experimenting composers and creative improvisational musicians were here stimulated to challenge each other against the as yet unheard of – across the booths new music, jazz and rock. Min Bul is an important document from the revolution in Norwegian and international jazz rock around 1970, when Miles Davis created his Bitch's Brew and Jan Garbarek ECM debut with African Pepperbird.

1 I Cried a Million Tears Last Night

2 Invocation

3 Champagne of Course

4 Ved Sørevatn

5 Nøtteliten

6 Strange Beauty

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