Mess Age - Action Pack – 1984 – KZ – NACD182

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Post-punk duo, started by Anders Elsås (guitar/vox, ex-Tomsingan, Kjærnefamilien) and Sven Erga (bass/vox, ex-Bitch Boys, Det Elektriske Kjøkken) in Trondheim in June 1983. The idea was to create an uncompromising and non-commercial expression at the intersection of rock and disco, or pairing the beat and groove traditions, in true post-punk spirit. Specifically, this resulted in Elsas programming his 808 drum machine after Michael Jackson's "Beat It" groove, while Erga tried to play "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" on top. Mess Age recorded the cassette Action Pack in 1984, where Lister (ex. Det Elektriske Kjøkken] etc.) was the producer. The result was a springy, spastic and partly innovative expression that gave associations to British punk bands such as Alternative TV as well as American country-inspired groups such as The Gun Club, but with an insistent groove in mind. Eventually the duo moved to Oslo, incorporated the previously mentioned Lister på trommer, and held a number of concerts in the capital.


1 Action Pack

2 Elevator

3 Privacy

4 Tape Rec

5 Concept Thieves

6 Nihilistic Glamour

7 Heads Of Stone

8 Mess Age

9 Social Act

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