Men Of Courage - Men Of Courage - 1989 - 80's - NACD424

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Post-punk trio from Oslo, started in the spring of 1983 by Carl Platou (guitar, vocals, b. 1960, ex-Left Overs, XTRM, Aktiv Dødshjelp, LiK, Betong Hysteria), Arild von Krogh (bass, b. 1960, ex-Left Overs, XTRM) and Ulf Knudsen (drums, b. 1959, Sister Rain, ex-Sonja & Haralds Deodorantensemble, Kaare & Partiet, Betong Hysteria). But they took the Of Courage name from a Crass single. They performed live at Renegat, Oslo in March 1985. The album was released in March 1989 on Voices Of Wonder Records and received a good reception, which was confirmed by the top 10 placement in Nye Takter's readers' poll. At the turn of 1990-91, Men Of Courage partially changed their style, strongly inspired by The Cult and Guns'n'Roses.

1 The Only Lovers Left Alive

2 Isabel

3 I Fell for You

4 Pearl Street

5 Celestine

6 Baby

7 Far Away

8 A Journey to the End of the Night

9 The Big Sleep

10 Loved

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