"Melody AM" (8th place)

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8th place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 Series.

The Tromsø duo's debut album surprised everyone - including themselves - by selling over a million copies and forming a school within a genre that had not previously been associated with Norwegian music.

In this book, musicologist Hans Zeiner-Henriksen takes you on a fascinating journey into Röyksopp's soundscape. The book also gives a unique insight into how Röyksopp has been inspired by older music through diligent use of original samples.

Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen (b. 1963) is associate professor of musicology at the University of Oslo. His doctoral dissertation, The “PoumTchak” Pattern: Correspondences between Rhythm, Sound, and Movement in Electronic Dance Music (2010), examined the rhythm patterns in modern club music, and their ability to affect us on the dance floor.

Author: Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen

ISBN: 9788293039211 Release year: 2011
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 128 Binding: The booklet Language: Bokmål

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