Medusa - Medusing – 1979 – Prog – NACD403

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Medusa recorded the album already in 1979, but came out on a Greek label on LP in 2003. The band consisted of a multinational team. Greek Thanasis Zlatanos (guitar and songwriter), Irish John Dunne on vocals, Argentinian Luis Maria Gambolini on drums and Bengt Jensen and Per Sveinson on keys and bass respectively. The latter was also responsible for the recording. This is melodic prog with powerful jazz overtones, with a classy vocalist at the intersection of Jagger/Morrison/Lynott. It was with this record before everyone went their separate ways, but what a record!


1 Infinite Progress

2 Loving Every Day

3 Funky Madness

4 Goals

5 Queen

6 Realise

7 Friend

8 Theater Funk

9 Going Home

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