Matheus - Musikk fra Balders hage - 1974 – Prog - NACD223

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"The house is called Balders Hage, and is located somewhere outside Oslo. Matheus has lived there for two years and has made music together. Kjell, Tom, Ulf, Sverre and PG And a dog called Nikko.” We can read this on the cover of Musikk fra Balders Hage, which was published in 1974 by Philips. Johnny Sareussen was the producer, Hans Petter Danielsen was the technician, while Ivar Finsen was responsible for the mastering process. The entire album was played in June 1974. Behind the initials PG we find Per Gerhard Roness, who was a songwriter, singer and guitarist, in addition to playing harmonica and piano. The other members of Matheus were Kjell "Nitty" Nitteberg (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Tom Wedvik (vocals, bass), Sverre Ferd (vocals, piano, rhythm instruments) and Ulf Klemp (vocals, drums, piano, mellotron, electric -piano, flute). Music from Balders Hage has gained a certain cult status over the years. The music is a mixture of pop, rock and shows, with Norwegian lyrics, occasionally also with some inspiration from the progressive music scene of the time. PG Roness and Kjell Nitteberg are probably the musicians who have done the most afterwards.


1 Lys

2 Ørnevisa

3 Tomme Ord Med Mening

4 Mislikerne

5 Crazy Shop

6 Kom Nærmere

7 Si So Mormor Sa

8 Isak

9 Frustrerte Ettermæle

10 Til Min Prinsesse

11 Alle Som Har Z

12 Så Langt Borte (Som Du Er)

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