Marius Müller – Solo 1981-1995 - 6CD Box - 2018 - CCD058

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6 CD-box where all of Marius' solo albums are collected: "Den du veit" (1981) "Er'e så skryt a?" (1982), "Marius" (1983), "The Big Beat" (1985), "Boom Boom" (1987) and "Seks" (1995) + singles, rarities and live tracks. A total of 102 songs got a place.

The first three albums have never been available on CD. All the albums have been remastered and the booklet contains full liner notes, information about all the albums and, in addition, greetings from family, colleagues, fans and friends.

Artist: Marius Müller
Year of recording : 1981-1995 | Release year : 2018 | Label : C+C Records
Format: 6CD box + booklet
Category: Pop/rock

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