Marius Müller - Den du veit - 1981 - 80s - NACD343

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Müller decided early on that he would become a guitarist. He started playing the guitar when he was five years old, and when he was nine he was on summer holiday at Sjusjøen near Lillehammer when he heard "The Wind Cries Mary" with Jimi Hendrix on the jukebox in the hotel, "a sensory experience that made me decide to to do something with my life," he said later in an interview with Aftenposten. At the age of twelve, he started his first band together with mates, and they practiced in a bomb room in a block on Manglerud where he grew up. Aged 16 and straight out of secondary school, he became a professional guitarist (later also a songwriter) when he answered an ad from a French band; Jackson Quintet, who were to tour in Northern Norway. Müller then started in the band Scantunes and further in the Oslo band Alexandria and Salt&Pepper Band. In the period 1981 to 1985 he played with the band Lava and was on two of their albums. The solo debut began in 1981 with the album Den du veit , and the song of the same name became a hit in Norway. The album spent 21 weeks on the VG list with a fourth place as the best position, and the single "Den du veit" managed a 3rd place on the singles list


1 Vær Deg Sjæl

2 Flåkjeft

3 Lang Tid

4 Karina

5 Nå Er 'E Oss

6 Den Du Veit

7 Frigjorte Damer

8 Lei Av Deg

9 Verden Vil Bedras

10 (Bli Hos Meg) I Natt

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