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First he traveled to the USA and played with some of the world's greatest blues artists. He then made even the strictest atheist feel a little religious, with the wonderful Blå Koral, in collaboration with Iver Kleive. Then, barely two years later, he brought a number of artists from abroad to Norway through Tramp. One of the first records here at home that could rightfully be called world music. This term has today been debated, but Tramp still stands as a stake. Both in Knut Reiersrud's discography and in Norwegian music history.


Marius Lien is a teacher, journalist and author. He has written a number of books about, among other things, football, music and agricultural implements. He is a critic in Morgenbladet and a regular contributor to Josimar, and runs the book department of Norske Albumklassikere in collaboration with Christer Falck.

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