Maria Can // Johndoe – Ja takk til trøbbel – NABOK064

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Maria Can // Johndoe – Ja takk til trøbbel – NABOK064

Maria Can At the end of the 90s, broad-legged rock conquered Trondheim. It smolders in the city's smoky rehearsal rooms. Something big is about to happen. From the rock underground rise four restless young men, borne of raw self-confidence and a dream: To make straight forward, unadulterated rock. In 2003, Johndoe releases his debut album, which puts Trondheim on the rock map again. "Ja takk til trøbbel" is a cannonade of furious, catchy rock songs. It's sleazy and it's real. There are two quick uppercuts in the midsection of anyone who said that it is impossible to make punk rock - in Norwegian.

Maria Can is a Swedish journalist and currently a commentator in Adresseavisen. She has worked in a communications agency and run both a shop and a rock club. She moved to Trondheim from Sweden in 2003.

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