Man Maid - In the city - 1985 - 80's - NACD402

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Man Maid was a rock band from Bergen, formed in the spring of 1983 by Henry Eugen "Henki" Urhaug (guitar), Bjørn Ulvestad (vocals) and Gisle Johnsen (keyboards). The music was catchy rock with roots in 60s pop, performed with modern arrangements in an 80s soundscape. The band originated in the band Cap's, which in turn had its roots in the group Innisfar House. Man Maid did not have a long life in showbiz. Within a few years, they released a couple of albums, and toured in Norway, England and Scotland. One can almost wonder if they themselves were aware of how good they were. They were e.g. contacted by Geoff Downes, keyboardist in Yes and a skilled producer. He would like to work with the band in the studio. "But some in the band wanted to go home to family and life in Bergen", and thus the guys said no to being launched worldwide. Many agree that Man Maid released the very best Norwegian album in 1985.

1 We Can Make It

2 Breaking Up

3 Little Sister

4 In The City

5 Vision

6 You're Never Gonna Break My Heart

7 Woman

8 Hold On

9 Easy Woman

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