Magne Øyvind Flemmen // Gatas Parlament - Holdning over underholdning - NABOK053

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When Gatas Parlament debuted in 1994, rap in Norwegian was almost a joke; when the album Holdning over entertainment came out in 2001, the wind had turned and you could hear rapping in Norwegian in prime time. In the middle of this were two brothers from Gamle Oslo who, in seven years, had built up a solid reputation as the rap scene's best live act - who liked to scold the country's crown prince while he was in the audience. Attitude over entertainment heralded a new era for both Gatas and Norwegian rap. The release came on the record label of Tommy Tee, who not long before had written off the Gatas as blitzers who only played rappers. The album brought Gata's characteristic Marxist-Leninist rhyme over rock-solid boom bap from Jester's hand far beyond the established fan base of underground enthusiasts and radical activists — with a little help from Norwegian rap's first sampling scandal.

The story is written by Magne "Definite" Flemmen, a Gatas fan since confirmation age and then almost the only guest artist on the record.

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