Lumbago - Cabaret Marzipan - 1981 - Punk/newwave NACD110

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Lumbago was a Norwegian nyveiev band that existed from 1980 to 1984. Cabaret Marzipan was the band's second and last album and was released in the autumn of 1981. Only 2,000 copies were pressed, since Polygram had lost faith in new wave after Lumbago's first classic album "Alt og litt ekstra", which we had already financed, did not sell any more than 4200 ex. Cabaret Marzipan was one of the first Norwegian albums to experiment with synths, and offers, among other things, three of the most famous Lumbago songs: "Tanta mi rapper i supermarkedet", "En god dag i dag" and "I gata der du bor », where i.a. Michael Krohn sings in chorus with many of Oslo's punks at the time. On Cabaret Marzipan we meet a more melodic Lumbago, and the soundscape is warmer. The band has given the Norwegian producer-legend Nils B. Kvam (Vaselina Bilopphøggers, Junipher Greene, Aunt Mary, Chipahua, Drama, Gartnerlosjen, Bjølsen Valsemølle, Bigbang etc.) much of the credit for the album. Lumbago was disbanded in the spring of 1982 as a result of internal disputes. Jørgensen then started the so-called Lumbago II with a new crew, including Arne Berggren. This version of Lumbago only released the single «Grønt lys»" in 1983, after which the band disbanded. Cabaret Marzipan has never been released on CD before.

1 Tanta mi rapper i supermarkedet

2 Pene Jenter

3 Bare deg jeg tenker på

4 Natt

5 En god dag i dag

6 I gata der du bor

7 Sammen Igjen

8 Lumbagoid

9 Eva

10 Totalklaustrofobi!


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