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Lumbago was a Norwegian nyveiv band that existed from 1979 to 1984. The predecessor was called Bygerlijaen Lumbago. In the summer of 1979, after an appearance in NRK's ​​Halvsju, vocalist Morten Jørgensen, bassist Stein Gulbrandsen and drummer Trond Armand Larsen broke out and started Lumbago together with Thanasis Zlatanos, after changing the style from fusion rock to new wave. In the same year, the band signed a contract with Polygram, and their first single "Gi meg noe ekte" was released in the spring of 1980. In the autumn of 1980, the debut album was released Alt og litt ekstra , which was nominated for the Spellemannpris in the "New rock" class. NRK produced one of the country's first modern music videos for the song "Berit har got leggene barbert", which was shown in the program Videoteket in September 1980. Lumbago disbanded in the spring of 1982 as a result of internal disputes. Jørgensen then started the so-called Lumbago II with a new crew, including Arne Berggren. This version of Lumbago only released the single "Green Light" in 1983, after which the band disbanded.


Lumbago was a Norwegian nyveiv band who made their album debut with Alt og litt ekstra. The record has never been on CD. 150 pre-orders and we'll fix it.

1 Thomas

2 Visne roser

3 Familieliv

4 Mellom topp og bånn

5 Fatter'n min

6 Berit har fått leggene barbert

7 Keiser'ns nye klær

8 Ikke gå

9 Aldri mer

10 Limbo

11 Den andre sida av speilet

12 Alt og litt ekstra

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