Lotus - Lotus - 1979 – Jazz – NACD342

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LOTUS - LOTUS (1979)
Lotus started out as an electric-instrumental jazz rock band. They jumped out of the environment at Club 7 in Oslo. The band consisted of Åsmund Snortheim on bass, Bent Patey on guitar, Finn Sletten on drums, Ole Henrik Giørtz on keyboards and Vidar Johansen on brass. In addition, Espen Rud is a guest on percussion. The album was recorded in Rosenborg studio. Eventually they moved in the direction of a semi-acoustic jazz band with access to Latin rhythms in between.

1 Kjellersamba

2 Slips

3 Lament

4 Nguandere

5 Studio 19 

6 Vrengt hare 

7 Pateys Pipe

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