Lister - Aber das! - 1982 - Punk/new wave - NACD240

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André Lister aka Aziz Zrka, born 30/4/1952 in Oslo, experimental composer/musician within the rock segment of popular music. He moved to Trondheim around 1977, where immediately after his arrival he helped start the punk band Sjølmord, where he was a member for a short period. He then visited Johnny Yen Bang!, in parallel with his own projects such as Opoponax and Lekkasjeensemblet. In 1979, Det Elektriske Kjøkken was established. When this was disbanded in 1984, Lister had long dealt with things on his own. Already in the summer of 1981, he debuted as a solo artist with the single "Ta et vink", and the following year saw the LP Aber das!, where Lister himself was responsible for voice, playing and various samples - an album containing eleven English-language songs and five instrumentals.



1 The Bugaloo

2 Could I Have Your Autograph

3 The Brown Shoes Incident

4 Rapuntzel

5 From The Love Nest

6 Walk On Water

7 Lipstick Moon

8 Another Pedestrian

9 I Wonder (Dub)

10 The Crawling Contest

11 Stains

12 The Real Star of the Movie

13 I Wonder

14 The Third Person

15 Rapuntzel (Dub)

16 Maybe the Jokeman

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