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Lion & The Lamb was a duo from Horten and Tønsberg, who released their only LP in 1978. Finn Dag Steiro and Egil Bjørnholdt played in their time in a band called Klorofyll, which among other things attracted the interest of Jahn Teigen. After the military service, Steiro and Bjørnholdt continued as a duo, and resumed contact with Teigen. He recommended that they contact Audun Tylden, who at the time worked at the record company Polydor. The duo had originally gone by the name To Gutter, but now changed their name to Lion & The Lamb, which also became the name of their only record. The duo was inspired by the American West Coast rock of the time, especially Crosby, Stills & Nash. The recording took place in Rosenborg Studio, with Johnny Sareussen as producer. Polydor ensured that the band was backed by a number of good musicians, including Freddy Lindquist, Terje Venaas, Knut Riisnæs, Brynjulf ​​Blix, Audun Kleive and Iver Kleive. The record release took place at Klingenberg Kino, where the Jonas Fjeld Band also played. Although Polydor invested considerable resources in the new duo, and among other things had the material remixed in Burbank Studios in California, nothing more came of the plans for an international launch. In 1978, Lion & The Lamb shared the stage with Bob Marley during the Hortensfestivalen, but the LP release was not a sales success, despite the work that had gone into it. The album nevertheless gained its admirers, and has been referred to as one of Norwegian soft rock's best hidden treasures.


1 South Away

2 My Morning Sun

3 Far Out

4 Song Along The River

5 Blown Like A Curtain

6 Freddy's Daughter

7 All For You

8 Word Game

9 Melancholy Tune

10 Hollow Is Everything I Have Seen

11 The Concert Is Over

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