Lily & The Gigolos - Secrets - 1984 – 80s – NACD126

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Lily & The Gigolos is a Norwegian band that started in Kristiansand in 1981 and disbanded in 1987. The band consisted of Bente-Lill "Lily" Viste (vocals), Harald Hempel (guitar), Jarle Johansen (bass) and Kay Rune Rasmussen ( drums). Lily & The Gigolos' first and only LP Secrets was released in 1984. They had a hit with the A-side of the 12-inch single "Listen To The Radio"/"Let It Be Now". Before their own record debut, the group contributed with the track The Worst Enemy on the compilation album Noe Godt Fra Sør , which was released in 1981. The band's sound is described as "atmospheric" with "big arrangement", with inspiration from groups such as Japan, Simple Minds, Siouxsie and the Banshees and U2. Lily & The Gigolos disbanded in 1987.


1 Listen To The Radio

2 Fooled Again

3 Russia

4 I'm Just A Child

5 Secrets

6 Icehouse

7 Sheila

8 Screams

9 Tonight

10 Messages

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