Lillie-Ane - Forklar farge - 1983 - 80's - NACD172

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Rut Lillie-Ane Johansson was a Norwegian singer, musician and songwriter. She started her singing career in NRK's ​​girls choir. She helped start the electropop group Plann in 1981, together with Kikkan Fossum and Thore Engen. In 1983 she released her solo album Forklar farge under the stage name Lillie-Ane and was discussed as Norway's answer to Kate Bush. She was also for a period in the Eastland-based prog rock band Lucifer Was. Lillie-Ane died in 2004, aged just 41.


1 Myself

2 Explain Color

3 Eternal Missing

4 The Sweet Life I

5 The Sweet Life II

6 Sleepless Night

7 Sneaky Swine

8 At the party

9 My Electro Second

10 Queen of the Night

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