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«Stjerner og måner og bedehussanger, tanter og onkler og reker og vin.»The quote is from the first single of the Halden band Onkel Tuka: "Snart blij je henta av Gud", from the album Geriljagrass. The album contains a fresh mix of bluegrass, punk and religiosity, and is the start of a musical adventure from Østfold that is still alive and well. The band delivers terrific concerts, and at Geriljagrass they manage to appear as energetic as on stage. The lyrics always give a lot to chew on, and greatly contribute to Gueriljagrass being a record you can't finish.


Levi Henriksen is a writer and musician from Kongsvinger. He has written novels, short stories, poems, travelogues and other non-fiction - and music is always an important aspect of his writing. Henriksen broke through with Snø wil fall over snow that has fallen in 2004, and the following year he started playing bass again, after a longer break from music life. In recent years, he has garnered good reviews for the records with the band Babylon Badlands.

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