LASA - Released - 1980s - 80s - NACD458

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Lasa consists of L (Lars Børke) and ASA (Asbjørn Krogtoft). They met in Talent Studios in 1976 and quickly found the tone. Asbjørn is perhaps best known from 1-2-6, in addition to a number of great solo albums, while Lars had just released the LP 50 kroner og en gullring . They got the very best of Norwegian studio musicians (from, among others, Aunt Mary, Vanguards, Popol Ace++). The record has long been a hidden gem and now it can be released for the first time on CD.

1 Nights of love

2 Like a thief in the night

3 Graveyard paradise

4 Such a night

5 Jane

6 Nordic blonde

7 Same old way

8 Bad girls

9 Sister Jane

10 Forever is a long time

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