LASA - Discovery - 1978 - 70's - NACD324

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Lasa consists of L (Lars Børke) and ASA (Asbjørn Krogtoft). They met in Talent Studios in 1976 and quickly found the tone. Asbjørn is perhaps best known from 1-2-6, in addition to a number of great solo albums, while Lars had just released the LP 50 kroner og en gullring. They brought along Pete Knutsen and the cream of Norwegian studio musicians. Jan Erik Kongshaug was responsible for the sound. The record has long been a hidden gem and now it can be released for the first time on CD.


1 Italian Kisses

2 Sunny L.A.

3 Hi-Jacker

4 Tell Me Why

5 Mr. Bassman

6 Mary Had a Little Lamb

7 Sweet Suzanne

8 Lover Boy

9 Flight No. 204

10 Rock'n'Roll Song

11 One By One

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