Larsen - Larsen - 1982 – Jazz – NACD285

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Kjell Larsen is a Norwegian musician, guitarist and singer. In 1970, together with Asle Nilsen, Gudny Aspaas and Rune Sundby, he formed the band Ruphus, which was one of Norway's most popular prog rock bands at the time, this band disbanded in 1981. In 1982, he released his only solo album Larsen, which was produced by himself and Paolo Vinaccia. The album features Kjell Larsen (guitar, vocals), Bent Østebø Johansen (bass), Paolo Vinaccia (drums), Ole Henrik Giørtz (keyboards, vocals) and Morten Halle (woodwinds). Sidsel Endresen is involved as a songwriter.

1 Ten Cups Of Coffee

2 Sunrise

3 City Life

4 Chinese Eyes

5 Pappagallo Con Pasta

6 What's Your Hurry, Mister?

7 When Love Has Gone

8 Byblos

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