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Around 1998, rumors began to spread a little further up the river, i.e. in Sarpsborg, that the neighboring town of Fredrikstad had yet another good band in the works. This time of a slightly darker kind, and the word of mouth was already circulating about the vocalist Trond Andreassen after the releases of the single "Devil Inside" and "The Drinkin' EP". This was something quite different from much that one had become accustomed to from what was then Østfold. Although rock has always been strong in the old county, you weren't exactly unfamiliar with pastel, pop and dance bands either. But there was something about The Ricochets, they were a bit "dangerous" and mysterious. In 2000, they released one of the best debut albums in Norwegian rock history with "Slo-Mo Suicide", and eventually became a band both critically acclaimed and shrouded in myth, predicted to be "the next big ones". Something they were also for a period, although the myth of the "scandal band" caught up with them relatively quickly. But luckily, the story of Ricochet isn't quite finished yet, even though this book covers the time around "Slo-Mo Suicide."

Lars Weberg (born 1972) is culture and debate editor at Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, and also worked for several years as culture manager at Fredriksstad Blad, in the hometown of The Ricochets. He has also released the compilation album "Sarperock – No Sleep 'Til Sarpsborg" from 2019 (Gleng Records), with an excerpt of the best rock the Sarpsborgs have to offer.

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