Lars Mjøen/Knut Lystad - Rent Vanvidd Fra "Bedre Sent Enn Alvor" - 1977 – 70-tallet – NACD334

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Lystad & Mjøen is a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of Knut Lystad and Lars Mjøen. They were active from 1973-2005. Together they published a number of comedy albums and made radio and television programs for NRK. They had their own radio programs, such as "Bedre sent enn alvor", "Bare et lite øreblikk", "Gal mix", "Lystad & Mjøen-show" and "Minimagasinet". In addition to this, they contributed to the radio programs "Nitimen", "Reiseradioen", "Lykkehjul" and "Hallo i uken". Lystad and Mjøen often had Tom Mathisen, Jan H. Jensen and Trond Kirkvaag with them on their sketches. Pure expanse of water is an LP with humor sketches from the radio show Bedre sent enn alvor av og med Lystad & Mjøen. The record was released in 1977, and is the duo's first sketch album. All the tracks were recorded in Lars Mjøen's home. The record motif is Knut and Lars who look like a washing machine, hence the pun on the album title: "Rent vannvidd". On the back of the plate we can read that side A contains prewash, while side B contains backwash.


1 Forvask

2 Bakvask (Hvori Inkludert "Trombosene Kommer" (Science Fiction) Og "Bedre Sent Enn Blodig Alvor" (Gyser!))

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