Lars Klevstrand - Til dere - 1972 - Folk music - NACD502

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LARS KLEVSTRAND – TIL DERE (1972) Lars Klevstrand is a Norwegian singer, guitarist and composer. Klevstrand is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and has been an important profile in the Norwegian music scene since the 1960s. Together with Hege Tunaal and the Ålesund Chamber Ensemble, he received the Spellemann prize in 1983 in the class of vocal singing for the double album Hartvig Kirans viser - Historia om Ola Skutvik & Mariann. In 1987 he received the Gammleng prize in the show class and in 1991 he received the Prøysen prize. He has also worked extensively with cabaret and revue. Klevstrand has been a member of the groups Ballade! and the Street Singers. For you is a lavish jazz music record, with, among other things, musical contributions from Carl Morten Iversen, Egil Kapstad, Espen Rud, brass and strings.

1 Berre

2 Kvar Skal Vi Bu?

3 Fløttardag

4 Dei Grøne Enkers Melodi

5 Kjærringkjeft

6 Frossen Musikk

7 Alt Er Såre Godt

8 Mesteren

9 Vise Om Kinabarna

10 I Måneperspektiv

11 Oppgjør

12 Griskokktrøsta

13 Finale-Vise

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