Kristin Berglund – I blåtimen – 1976 – Folk music – NACD062

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KRISTIN BERGLUND – I BLÅTIMEN (1976)                Kristin Berglund was a Norwegian blues vocalist, guitarist and composer and released a number of recordings under her own name. She was discovered by the music scene's Finn Kalvik and Lillebjørn Nilsen, and took part in the music festival in Haugesund in 1971, and made her record debut with the music album I blåtimen in 1976. The album is a stripped-down affair, and has been referred to as the Norwegian equivalent of Norwegian Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. It also contains Don McLean's "Starry starry night", translated as «Maleren». I blåtimen never came out on CD, but if we reach the target of 150 pre-orders, we will start production.

1 Vi holder livet

2 Fuglen

3 Maleren 

4 Mellom dag og drøm

5 Når teppet har falt

6 Eg er kje eismall

7 Tid

8 Thomas ensom

9 Din bror

10 Lukk øynene

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