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1732 THE FALL (1998) Today, Karin Julsrud is a highly respected and very central personality in Norwegian film. Among other things, she has been a feature film consultant and produced Amanda winners such as Reprise and Kongen av Bastøy . Julsrud referred to his feature film debut 1732 Høtten (1998) as a post-western while others called it a Norwegian Twin Peaks . It was pre-judged in the media, seen by a few in the cinema, and then fiercely debated in the press. While Norway was not ready for this thriller at the time, today it has been given a renewed status as a cult film. In conversations with the film's central players, both in front of and behind the camera, the book will go in depth and analyze 1732 Høtten and the uproar at the time.

Kristian Krogstad is a film scholar with a master's degree in film studies from NTNU. For many years, he has worked with film distribution and versioning of films and series into Norwegian. As a freelance writer, he writes for Z film magazine, Cinema and other film publications.

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