Krim U - Document - 1988 – KZ – NACD503

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KRIM U – DOCUMENT (1988)Krim U, a band from Narvik that started as the punk band Kriminell Ungdom in the early 1980s. When the band's vocalist left in '81, guitarist Vidar Aam took over the role of frontman and the band changed in the direction of poetic post-punk, sung in dialect and with electronic elements. The band had a large following in the north, but unfortunately never managed to record an album before they disbanded after a short time.. But it is an important document of an important period in Norwegian intellectual life, and they have inspired many electronic artists from the north. The band broke up in 1983 and consisted of Johnny Larssen (bass, vocals, percussion, keyboards), Vidar Aam (guitar, recorder, keyboards, percussion, vocals) Tønnes (drums, guitar), Lena Frelin (bass)

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