King Lavring - King Lavring - 1977 - 70s - NACD271

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Kong Lavring was a folk rock group from Asker and Oslo, which was formed in 1974 by Per Ladegård and Jørn Jensen. The latter also had a past in the folk rock group Folque. The band's name was taken from the fairy tale about Lillekort. Musically, the group was closely related to Folque, and had the same British role models as those in bands such as Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, and in artists such as Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy and Richard Thompson. The repertoire consisted of Norwegian folk songs and folk tunes arranged for modern, electric instruments, but they also used traditional instruments such as dulcimer, krumhorn and torader. The line-up on the first LP was Liv Nelle Solberg (vocals, melodica), Jørn Jensen (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, horn), Per Ladegård (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer), Geir Holmsen (bass) and Arne Hågensen ( drums). The producer was Ingar Helgesen. When Geir Holmsen left to play with Chipahua and Jon Eberson, he was replaced by Knut Ellevold. In addition, fiddler Trond Villa also joined for a short period. He was a friend of Jørn Jensen from Folque, but both went to Sweden and joined the quartet Folk och Rackare.


1 Tjovane

2 Falkvord Lommanson

3 Valdrestrall

4 Fagre Piker

5 Aksel Tårn-Vise

6 Springpols

7 Liti Kjersti

8 Villfar & Sylvklår

9 Storhalling

10 Dei Tvo Systrar

11 Liv & Katinka

12 Nordmørsreinlender

13 Trolldans

14 Liti Kjersti (Reprise)

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