Knut Skodvin - Kondens - 1982 – Punk/New wave – NACD422

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Musician, composer and producer lives in Bergen, but grew up in Høyanger. He started playing the accordion at the age of 7, and has the double bass as his main instrument. Played in the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra already in his gymnastics days, and after several years in the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (1975–80), he started as a musician (1980) and musical director (1986) at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen. In 1982, he released one of the early minimalist electronic recordings in this country, Kondens, a record that goes for a measly thousand Swedish kroner spent on LP. With him on the album he has John H. Gaasland, Sissel I. Andersen and Olav Dale.

1 Arabesque

2 Storskrytarstevet

3 Tannråte

4 Passacaglia

5 Hauk

6 Se Og Hør

7 Jenten Fra Bergen

8 Og Det Er Bra Det

9 Den Falske Skrik

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