Kniplia Pukkverk - Kniplia Pukkverk - 1976 – Folk music - NACD332

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Kniplia Pukkverk released one album, the self-titled one Kniplia Pukkverk in 1975. Jan Sjølie, Ingar Helgesen, Vidar Gunhildrud and Stein Ove Berg played and sang in the band. Stein Ove Bergh was already a great singer in 1975, but he still took the time to record a record with old friends. Here he sang and played the banjo. The record mostly contains trad songs, rally songs and political songs, but Stein Ove wrote one of the best songs on the record, "Drømmene".

Another member of the group is Ingar Helgesen, who has played and worked with everything from Jokke, Kong Lavring, Vazelina and Kåre Virud.


1 Fraflytningsvise

2 Drømmene

3 Kokkevisen

4 Kalle Petterson och Josefina

5 Huben Nilsons rallarvise

6 Nordlandsbanens rallarvise

7 Angermansvisan

8 Steinpukkerens

9 Lappmark-visa

10 Kveld i brakka

11 Baltersons vise

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