KM Myrland - Fann Æ - 1983 – 80s - NACD246

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  1. M. MYRLAND – FANN Æ (1983)
    Knut Magne Myrland from Harstad is a country/roots-inspired vocalist, guitarist, composer and lyricist. Myrland was originally a sailor, but was disabled after an explosion accident in Houston in the USA in the early 1970s. In 1976, he broke through as a cult singer with his socially engaging lyrics and characteristic deep voice on his debut album Isbål. In 1983, KM Myrland released the album Fann Æ, his last album in the 80s, and it would be a full 24 years before the next album came out

1 Fann Æ

2 Noe Tragisk, Noe Magisk

3 Min Kvinne

4 Visdommens Tre

5 Hola Marinero

6 De Gode Hyrder

7 Hverdagsliv

8 Ung-gamle Hans

9 Jeg Kjente Deg

10 Hans Galei

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