Kjøtt – Op. – 1981 – Punk/New wave – NACD203

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KJØTT – OP. (1981)
Oslo group started in 1979 by Helge Gaarder (vocals) and Erik Aasheim (guitar) under the name Dårlig Karma. They soon took the name Kjøtt, and as of spring 1979, the line-up was completed with Michael Krohn (drums, vocals), Per Kristian Tro (bass) and Jøran Rudi (guitar). The name Kjøtt came from the song «3000 fluer» in which they sing about red meat. Then they wore a red bow so as not to be associated with the Red Choir or Bandet believed they played music for the body instead of the head, therefore the name Kjøtt fit well. Around 1980, Kjøtt was among the leading punk bands in Norway, despite the fact that no one in the band had a distinct punk image. Their only LP Op ., came in 1981. Med Op. there was a shift in Kjøtt's musical expression and soundscape, it became more experimental, more chaotic, and Gaarder emerged as the main author and songwriter. Only "(I'm looking forward to) Year 2000" was a pure Krohn composition.

1 A Metamorfose

2 Beat Allegro 160

3 Krigsrop

4 Kald Feber

5 Vinyl-Lobotomi

6 Jern & Metall

7 Hvit Hud / Svart Skinn

8 Under Jorda

9 (Jeg Gleder Meg Til) År 2000

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